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Meet Amy Lowrie
Meet Amy Lowrie

Bio-Hello! I am Amy Lowrie, I was born and raised in Mitchell. I have struggled with my weight for as long as I can remember. I have done it all…Weight Watchers, low carb, low calorie, shakes, etc…I can take the weight off, but the weight always comes back and I usually gain even more then I started with!

I am a registered nurse here in town and work with cardiac patients. I am fully aware of the risks of heart disease and would like to take control of my own health. I have a daughter, Mia who is almost two years old. She does not care that I am overweight; all she wants to do is run, run, run! I want to run with her!

I am so excited for this opportunity with Ideal Body Weight Loss Center. I really feel this is going to change my world!

Struggling to lose weight?

Do you struggle with losing weight and keeping weight off? Ideal Body Weight Loss Center here in Mitchell has some exciting news. They found their winners Amy Lowrie & Brian Weber. We want you to follow along on their amazing weight loss transformation. Keep checking back with updates about Amy & Brian!