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Exports: Unknown cancels 126,000t old crop.

Comments: Weekly export sales rose sharply from bottom levels of last week to 821,000t led by Egypt (265,500t) and Japan (248,100t), China cancels 169,800t (cancels alluded to above them also?); ethanol production fell last week to lowest since Oct. (yeah, I know yesterday’s stuff); U.S. Fed says corn price drop will NOT cover 2014 production costs (sees more beans, but does this mean corn needs to rally to get acres?); open interest rose 15,500 a bit surprising, volume moderate, and a bit of a mini-battle. Key reversal holds as long as old lows holds.


Exports: Sold China 405,500t new crop, 60,000t old crop.

Comments: Like the rest, weekly export sales first week of 2014 saw a bounce in sales, here to 701,500t led by (who else?) China at 678,200t while Unknown cancels 402,700t; meal sales good at 701,500t and soyoil limp; open interest fell 1,000 as March falls 3500, volume moderate. Well, China might be getting its wish as the Fed. says it sees more soybean acres due to current prices. How much of the China business in the market? No feel in here. Neutral.


Exports: None Visible.

Comments: Weekly export sales rose sharply to…… 319,000t, of note China took 58,800t of it; open interest rose 2,400 amid moderate volume. Nothing new around to chew on.

Kleist Comments

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