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Exports: None Visible

Comments: Weekly export sales for Sept. 26th at 775,000t with China at 115,200t; speaking of China, their government reports Sept. corn imports fell 99.6% on yr. to 1.537m/t’s; Canada’s Barf and Mail article already bemoaning higher U.S. production and decreasing corn for ethanol

demand lowering prices to under break-even levels; no CFTC report on C_O_T; open interest rose 12,300 amid light volume as prices continue their ‘coiling’.


Exports: Sold Unknown 235,000t beans.

Comments: Weekly export sales 860,700t led by China and unknown at 573,000t combined; meal and oil of minor interest; India sees summer oilseed crop up 11%; China soyoil imports fell 63.4% in Sept. on yr., soybeans fell 5.4% on month to 4.7mln.; op4en interest fell 1,800 led by November off 13,400 amid good volume (curiously soyoil open interest rose 8,400); November beans still sword-fighting (thrust and parry) $13.00 while yield reports continue favorable.


Exports: None Visible.

Comments: Prices strongly lower in what must be just a pause between buyers since Black Sea and Argentina wheat crop concerns fueling the fund bulishness as the wire service reports (yes that was sarcasm); China Sept. wheat imports rose 37% to 718,482t; weekly export sales up 31% on week to 837,800t even as China cancels 1,600t; and open interest Friday rose 8,145 amid good volume (compliments of the funds an Black Sea and Argentina and maybe Australia coming soon!). I am treating as a trading affair as before rather than just basically a bull position for now. One other thing, some realignments of the wheat/corn spreads pressuring wheat as well?

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