Good Neighbor Award

Congratulations to Brenda Smith of Kimball

brenda smith

Congratulations to our latest Fuchs Orthodontics ‘Good Neighbor’ Award winner Brenda Smith of Kimball. Brenda is being honored for her dedication to the school and the community of Kimball. As a substitute teacher Brenda goes above and beyond in helping with fund raising efforts with proceeds going directly to the students. Thru her church, Brenda is a camp counselor, youth chairperson, and involved in special projects like making backpacks to send to children in Africa. In addition, Brenda volunteers her time at the Kimball food pantry. Congratulations to Brenda Smith of Kimball for being a ‘Good Neighbor’ to the Kimball community. Brenda will receive a certificate of honor and a $100 award from Fuchs Orthodontics and KMIT –Kool98. We encourage you to nominate someone you know as a Good Neighbor!

Good Neighbor Award

We all know someone we consider a Good Neighbor – someone who makes a positive difference in our lives. A Good Neighbor is respectful, trustworthy, and volunteers to do good deeds.

Please nominate a person from your community today who is a Good Neighbor! A Good Neighbor can be a group or individual, child or adult, employee, a friend, or a relative.

Good Neighbors will be recognized Monday through Saturday on KMIT and KOOL 98 Radio and also here on the KMIT / KOOL-98 websites.

Good Neighbor Award Winners will also be included in the Fuchs Orthodontics Good Neighbor Hall of Fame! Good Neighbor award winners will be selected by a panel of judges and will receive a certificate of acknowledgement and a $100 cash award.

Nominations may be submitted online here or you can mail your nomination to:
c/o Good Neighbor
P.O. Box 520
Mitchell, S.D. 57301

If you mail your submission, please include all the information below.

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