KMIT/Kool98 Sports Books

KMIT/Kool98 Sports Books

Here is a list of locations to get your 2013-2014

A & G Diesel, Inc. 123 E. Spruce St.
Advanced Physical Therapy, Inc. 409 S. Ohlman St
Aflac 105 Andrews St.
Agronomy Plus 2500 W Havens St.
AmericInn 1421 S. Burr St.
Avera Mitchell Wellness Center 525 N. Foster Ave.
Avera Orthopedic Associates 625 N. Foster * Suite 200
Avera Urgent Care 200 E. Havens Ave
Avera Queen of Peace Rehab 525 N. Foster Ave.
Avera Acceleration 525 N. Foster Ave.
BankWest 2100 Highland Way & 1920 N. Sanborn Ave.
Blarney’s Sports Bar & Grill 2100 Highland Way
Bruce Sign Company  40535 254th St.
Café Teresa 312 N. Main St.
Char’s Party Center 1801 N. Main St.
CorTrust Bank 100 E. Havens St. & 709 N. Main St.
County Fair Food  Fuel 1012 W. Havens St.
Culligan Darrington Water 801 S. Sanborn St.
Culver’s  1015 Cabela Drive
Curbing Edge 900 W. Spruce St.
Dakota Physical Therapy 1319 W. Havens St.
Davison County Implement 2600 W. Havens St.
Dental Care Center 916 S. Rowley St.
Dental Designs  2110 North Minnesota Ave.
Depot 210 S. Main St.
Dr. Jeffrey Schmidt Office 501 S. Ohlman St.
Envision Eye Care 714 S. Burr St., *Suite 102
Farmers Alliance  1100 Elevator Road
First Dakota National Bank 500 E. Norway Ave. & 1712 N. Main St.
Fulton State Bank 115 E. Havens St.
Graham Mobil I-90 & Hwy 37
Hearing Plus LLC 417 N. Main 5th & Main Bldg Suite 105
Iverson Chrysler 600 S. Burr St.
Jack’s Sinclair & J- Mart 1905 N. Main St. & 1527 W. Havens St.
Kelly Inn and Suites 1010 Cabela Drive
Krohmer Plumbing 401 S. Ohlman St.
Leader Sporting Goods 515 E. Havens St.
Martin/Trudeau Insurance 1531 W. Elm St.
Miedema Sanitation 2525 E. Havens St
Morris Equipment 1210 S. Ohlman St.
Mueller Lumber 400 N. Ohlman St.
Muth Electric 730 N. Kimball Ave.
Over Time Steakhouse & Sports Bar 716 N. Rowley
Paula’s Hearing Aid Services 1200 S. Burr Ave. Suite A
Paulson Air 1500 W. 3rd Ave.
Petrik Sanitation 40525 254th Ave.
Pizza Ranch 502 E. Norway St.
(Edgewood) Prairie Crossings 2211 N. Wisconsin St.
Reginald Martin Agency  510 W. Havens
S & M Printing 110 N. Lawler St.
Sabers Victory (Sabers Specialties) 700 East Kay St.
Sears 700 West Spruce St.
Scoreboard Pub & Grill 522 N. Main St.
Scott Supply 2800 W. Havens Ave.
State Farm Insurance 1204 S. Burr St.
Steamway Cleaning 111W. 4th Ave.
Studelska Chiropractic  950 Commerce St.
Sun Gold Sports 714 Kay Ave.
T. K. Electric 419 E. Juniper St.
Taco John’s  701 N. Sanborn St.
Thiesse Chiropractic 1224 N. Sanborn Ave.
Wells Fargo 1130 S. Burr St. *Suite 100
Wild Oak Reality, Inc. 2500 E. 1st Ave.
Andes Central- Lake Andes
Jones Food Center 326 Main St.
Gus Stop/Grandma’s Grill 611 US Hwy 281
Armour/Tripp Delmont – Armour
Buche Foods Main St. Tripp
First State Bank 703 Main St.
Golden Living Centers 106 Braddock St.
Krull’s Market 709 1st. St.
Xpress Mart 701 Braddock St.
A-1 Gas & Go Hwy 50
Community Bank 118 N. Main St.
Farmer’s Coop Elevator  104 E. Railway
Jurrens Repair 511 W. 1st Ave
True Value 126 N. Main
Bon Homme
Avera St. Michaels 410 W. 16th Ave.
Farmers Alliance 711 W. Highway 262
Midstate Telecom 200 S. Paul Gust Road
Farmers Alliance
First Fidelity Bank 301 Main St.
Flying “D” Convenience Store 305 S. Highway 183
Corsica Lumber, Inc. 115 E. Main St.
Farmers Alliance 120 E. Main St.
Hoffman Gas & Grill of Corsica 175 S. Hwy 281
Security State Bank 117 N. 3rd St.
Ethan Co-op Lumber 117 W. Ash St.
Farmers Alliance
First Fidelity Bank 113 E. 6th Ave.
BankWest 615 Main St
Buche Foods 222 W. Hwy 18
Farmers Alliance 301 Main St.
Fulton Farmers Elevator 2nd St. and Spenser St.
Fulton State Bank 221 N. Main St.
Security State Bank 450 Main St.
Howard Cold Storage 43346 230th St.
Kieffer Oil Company SD W. Highway 34 Fedora
Miner County Bank 217 S. Main St.
Central Dakota Guide Services, LLC  I-90 Exit 284
Dakota Plains Taxidermy 133 N. Main St.
Kimball Grain Company 200 N. Main St.
Midstate Communications 120 E. 1st. St. # 48
Marty Indian School
Gus Stop 611 US Hwy 281. LA or 401 W Hwy 46 Wagner
First Dakota Bank 301 N. Main St. Salem
Kinzley Funeral Home 500 N. Main St. Salem
McCormick Motors, Inc. 140 N. Nebraska St. Salem
Mettler Implement 656 E. Hwy 18
Mt. Vernon
Farmers Elevator Co. 114 S. Main St.
Avera St. Benedict 401 W. Glynn Drive
First Dakota Bank 109 N. Main St.
Farmers Alliance
Tony’s Building Center 120 E. 1st.
First Fidelity Bank 501 S. Main St.
First State Bank 218 Main St. Geddes
Platte Food Center 12 W. 7th St.
Platte Power Sports 27603 368th Ave Platte
Samuelson Tire & Oil 21 E. Railway Platte
Severson Service Station 601 Main St. Platte
Sanborn Central
Kieffer Oil Company SD W. Highway 34 Fedora
Poet Research Center 851 Washington St.
South Central
First Fidelity Bank 745 Main St. Burke
Coffee Cup Fuel Stop I-90 & SD Hwy 281
Great Plains Lumber & Supply 206 Main St
Stickney Coop Elevator 107 S. 1st St
Stumble Inn 301 Main St.
Buche Foods 401 W. Hwy 46
Bures-Kronaizl 101 S. Main Ave.
Commercial State Bank 204 S. Main Ave.
County Pride Coop 310 W. Railroad
Farmers Alliance
Fort Randall Telephone Company 722 W. SD Hwy 46
Fousek Trucking & Grain 106 Railroad St. SW
Frei Insurance 204 S. Main
James Drug 201 S. Main Ave.
Wagner Super Foods 71 S. Main Ave.
Wessington Springs
American Bank & Trust 120 E. Main St.
Baker’s Repair/Baker’s Design 101 Dakota Ave North
Springs Auto, Inc. 310 East Main #E
Sweet Grass 116 Main St East
Thornton Drug 202 Main St. E.
TJ’s Food Store 107 E. Main St.
True Value 236 E. Main St.
White Lake
Farmers Alliance
AmPride 641 W. 2nd St.
First Fidelity Bank 246 W. 2nd St.
Lil’ Feller Convenience Store 502 E. 2nd St.
Hegg Insurance  111 S. Dumont Ave.
AgKota Grain. 103 N. Dumont Ave.

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Amanda Knox murder conviction overturned

FILE - In this Jan. 31, 2014, file photo, Amanda Knox prepares to leave the set following a television interview in New York. Knox is engaged to Colin Sutherland, a musician who recently moved to Seattle from New York, a person close to the Knox family confirmed for The Associated Press. Knox’s murder conviction in the 2007 stabbing of her roommate has been reinstated by an Italian court, but the former college exchange student maintains her innocence and vows she won’t willingly go back to Italy. Both Knox and Sutherland are 27. No wedding date had been set.

Italy's highest court has overturned the murder conviction against Amanda Knox, bringing to a definitive end the high-profile case.

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Time for Iran to make tough decisions in nuclear talks

In this March 26, 2015, photo, Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, center, leaves a meeting with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry and other U.S. officials at a hotel in Lausanne, Switzerland. U.S. and Iranian diplomats gather at a Baroque palace in Europe, a historic nuclear agreement within reach. Over Iraq’s deserts, their militaries fight a common foe. Leaders in Washington and Tehran, capitals once a million miles from each other in ideological terms, wrestle for the first time in decades with the notion of a rapprochement.

Six world powers and Iran move closer to a deal, but there are still major disagreements.